3 Unusual Museums in Iceland

Icelanders like collecting things and that shows in the few hundred museums in Iceland of varying sizes we have in Iceland. Many are art museums and cultural museums. But, there are quite a few that are unusual. Like museums that only include various rocks, gemstones, and crystals. Or like the Smámunasafnið in North Iceland, where there are small collections of every-day things like screwdrivers, pens or keyholes.

So,below you can find three museums in Iceland we find very interesting and unusual and urge you to visit.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

top unusual museums in iceland

The museum, situated in downtown Reykjavík, is the only penis museum in the world, as far as we know. It includes penises of most, if not all, animals found in and around Iceland, including elves. There, you can also see a few penises of animals that do not live in Iceland but were donated to the museum. The most exciting piece in the museum is probably the human penis which was donated by an old man, scrotum and all, on the day he died.

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Magic

Museums in iceland

This museum is in Hólmavík, in the Westfjords. It takes about 3 hours to drive there from Reykjavík. You´ll learn about the people involved in the witch-hunt in Iceland, who was prosecuted by whom and their alleged crimes. Unlike other countries, mostly men were prosecuted for witchcraft in Iceland. It is said the reason for it was that the prosecutors did not believe women had the intellectual capacity to do magic.

Icelandic Wonders Ghosts Elves and Northern Lights

In Stokkseyri in South Iceland, you find the Ghost Museum. It is on the third floor of Stokkseyri’s cultural house, which also houses Elves and Northern Lights museums. When you go to the museum, which is a labyrinth of 24 rooms, you get a small iPod which holds 24 Icelandic ghost stories for you to listen to. In one of the corners of the ghost-bar is a ghost who keeps an eye on you while you walk through. You enter at your own risk! Perfect for anyone who’s in a camper since there are camping grounds nearby.

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