The Best Places in Reykjavík to Shop

Looking for places in Reykjavík to shop? The Great Reykjavík area, which is called the capital area in Iceland, sits on just over 1000 km2 but with the density of only 204 people per km2. For comparison, Great London sits on just over 1500 km2, with the density of 5590 people per km2. Despite the vast size of the capital area, the habitants are only about 220.000 and of those 130.000 live in Reykjavík. Our shopping street or malls are not nearly as big as in some other countries, but you can still find everything you might need here.

The Best Places in Reykjavík to Shop

Laugavegurinn shopping street – one of the best places in Reykjavík to shop

Laugavegurinn is the main shopping street in Reykjavík. It holds multiple restaurants and bars, as well as clothing shops that sell Icelandic design and homeware.

Laugavegur is, of course, in downtown Reykjavík, which means it is close to many museums and historically significant buildings. Going to Laugavegur for a bit of shopping and then walk around town and take in the city, is an excellent way to spend the day. However, if you would instead drive, in the winter Laugavegur is open to traffic, as are all other streets in downtown Reykjavík. There are multiple covered car parks around town which makes it even easier to go about.

Best places to shop in Reykjavík

Kringlan shopping mall

Kringlan is Reykjavík‘s shopping center. It holds clothing stores such as Zara, Vera Moda, and H&M. It is conveniently situated only a couple of kilometers from the city center and is very handy to go to if the weather is bad or if you want to do more shopping than Laugavegur allows. If you are going out of town, Kringlan holds both Bónus and Hagkaup supermarkets, and there is also a food court where you can find Asian foods, Subway, Domino’s, Serrano, and other restaurants.

Kolaportið market

For cheap knick-knacks and second-hand stuff, Kolaportið is the place to go. It is also a great place to buy all kinds of Icelandic food – as well as other food and candy! You can find stalls that sell cheap sunglasses, reading glasses and phone holsters, as well as booths selling original jewelry design or lopapeysa. You can find almost anything there.

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