Is it Easy to Drive in Reykjavík During Winter?

So, you’d like to know if it’s easy to Drive in Reykjavík during winter? The average high temperature between October and April is 3.7°C (36.7°F), and the average low temperature is -1.2°C (30°F) during the same period.

Winter tires – necessary if you want to drive in Reykjavík during winter

Drive in Reykjavík during winter

That having been said, if you are from a country where it does not get cold enough for snow or icy roads, it can be tricky driving. The reason being that it does snow and freeze in Reykjavík. All of our cars are fitted with winter tires. That makes it a lot easier to drive and during the day. The roads are usually clear enough to drive with ease. The roads are salted and cleared of snow as soon as it starts to freeze a lot or snow heavily. The mornings and evenings are usually the trickiest to navigate when it has snowed.

Driving in snow

The weather is a fickle thing in Iceland, and some winters it snows endlessly (or so it seems), while other winters we hardly see any snow. However, we always recommend you drive according to road conditions and never go beyond your ability. If you do get stuck in the snow or an icy patch, just ask for help. People are usually more than willing to help others in need during winter. If you are outside Reykjavík, please get the 112 Safety App, that way you can get the appropriate help as soon as possible. If you want to drive in Reykjavík during winter you´ll need to know how to drive in snow.

Drive in Reykjavík during winter

Check the weather

During your winter trip to Iceland, check the Icelandic Met Office regularly since the weather can change quickly. Remember to dress warmly as well and enjoy your stay in Iceland. We have a saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed people.

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