Waterfalls in East Iceland – our top 3 picks

Iceland has plenty of beautiful waterfalls, and we feel that the ones in East Iceland deserve attention.

Hengifoss – “Hanging waterfall” for serious hikers only!

top 3 waterfalls in east iceland

Falling 128 meters off a cliff, Hengifoss is Iceland’s 3rd tallest waterfall. If you want to see it, in all its glory, you´ll have to endure the 45-60 minute hike up to it, around 2,5 kilometers. Since Hengifoss is one of the most popular natural wonders in East Iceland, you´ll probably meet other travelers along the way. The hike starts in a parking lot where you´ll find bathroom facilities as well. If you’re visiting Hengifoss in the summer, the hike is relatively safe, as long as you’re careful around high drops and stay on the paths. But you might need to wade shallow rivers. In the winter the trail is more treacherous due to snow and ice. The hiking trail is beautiful, and you´ll see another waterfall called Litlanesfoss along the way.

Svartifoss – “the Black waterfall” is one of East Iceland’s top 3 waterfalls

top 3 waterfalls in east iceland

Like with Hengifoss, you need to hike a bit to see Svartifoss waterfall. Your journey starts in Skaftafell, an astonishing haven at the edge of Vatnajökull glacier. You won’t regret the 1,5-kilometer hike when you see Svartifoss in all its glory, surrounded by very cool looking basalt columns and beautiful natural scenery. On the way to the waterfall you´ll see three other waterfalls, so that’s a bonus!

Gufufoss – “Vapor Waterfall”

top 3 waterfalls in east iceland

When you see Gufufoss, you´ll know why it’s called “Vapor Waterfall.” The way the waterfalls slams into the rocks underneath it creates a lot of water vapor and mist around it. It’s only a short walk from the road and like with the other waterfalls we mentioned; you´ll see even more waterfalls along the way! It might not be Iceland’s most impressive waterfall, but it certainly is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs.

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