Food you should try when you’re in Iceland

We have a few ideas for food you should try when you’re in Iceland. Like other Western countries, Iceland has relatively normal food you´ll find anywhere, like pizza, pasta and fast food chains. But if you want to try more authentic Icelandic or Nordic food, we have a few suggestions. Just to be clear, we’re not going to list the “weird” food you’ve probably already heard of, like roasted sheep heads, rotten shark etc. We’re only going to talk about nice food!

Top pick for food you should try when you’re in Iceland: Langoustine

Food you should try when you’re in Iceland

Sea food fans absolutely must try langoustine. They get bonus points if they eat it close to Höfn í Hornafirði, the area most famous for catching it. Icelanders call it “lobster” but langoustine’s taste is quite different from big lobsters. It’s more delicate and the texture is different. It’s a great tasting delicacy, very popular grilled in garlic butter or in langoustine soup. This is an excellent food you should try when you’re in Iceland

Rye bread

Icelandic food

Rye bread (rúgbrauð) with butter and a slice of cheese is so good! Accompanied by skyr with heavy cream and a handful of freshly picked Icelandic blueberries, absolute heaven. Rúgbrauð varies in sweetness and some types are almost sort of sticky. In some geothermal areas, you can buy rúgbrauð that has been cooked in a hot spring. The bakers make a hole in the ground next to a hot spring (very, very carefully), place the bread in a pot and into the hole, then cover it again. This is not a gimmick, it’s been baked this way for years.

Smoked lamb

You´ll find smoked lamb (hangikjöt) in all grocery stores in Iceland. You can buy a large chunk of it to boil and eat. Or, what’s probably better, you can buy it sliced in small quantities. Go find a bread called flatkökur (flatbread) and buy butter as well. Butter the flatkökur, put on a couple of slices of hangikjöt and enjoy the smoky, salty taste.Icelandic food

Icelandic food

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