Iceland’s “other” ring road – the West fjords

Do you want to stay away from tourist traps and have a bit more of an authentic experience in Iceland? If so, we recommend the West fjords. The West fjords “ring road” is around 1000 km. Often overlooked, the West fjords offer a little bit of everything. It has impressive cliffs and mountains, sandy beaches and geothermal pools. As well as small fishing villages, magnificent waterfalls, and rivers. The list is endless! There are around 40 fjords in total, each more beautiful than the last.

west fjords

If you have time and are planning on driving the ring road, there’s no reason to skip the West fjords. It takes a few extra days to drive if you want to see all the main attractions, but it’s worth it. If you’re still not convinced, here’s what we usually hear from people returning from the West fjords:

“It’s like driving inside a painting” – Everyone

When to visit the West fjords?

west fjords

The best time to visit is from June to September. Nowadays most roads are kept open during winter, but in the snow-heavy West fjords, it can be a challenge. So, although you’ll probably be able to drive the main roads, some of the attractions might not be accessible. You will be driving up and down steep, winding roads and through mountain passes, even in gravel. So, if you can’t imagine doing that when the already treacherous roads are icy, maybe it’s best to skip it altogether.

To see road conditions in the West Fjords in real-time please visit:

What sort of car do I need to drive the West fjords?

In the summer you can drive most, if not all, the roads in a small car. But we can’t promise it´ll be comfortable, especially on the gravel. We recommend a medium-size vehicle  or SUV. Please note that gravel protection is very, very highly recommended.

As always, watch out for sheep on the road!

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