North Iceland’s Sightseeing Spots

North Iceland’s Sightseeing Spots are many and they’re beautiful. However, not all are accessible during winter, like Dettifoss for example. Roads in North-East Iceland are sometimes closed over the wintertime. But don’t let that stop you from traveling there, the landscape is amazing, and there are a lot of things to do.

Dimmuborgir – one of North Iceland’s Sightseeing Spots

North Iceland's sightseeing spots

The lava field is filled with weird lava and rock formations, situated by Mývatn Lake. 2300 years ago, lava flowed over the area from Þrengslaborgir and Lúdentsborgir craters. A small lake was at the place Dimmuborgir is now. As the lava flowed across the wetland, the water started to boil. And, when the steam from the water rose through the lava, it formed lava pillars from just a few centimeters high to several meters.

Nordic folklore says the area is where Lucifer landed when he was cast from heaven and made the Catacombs of Hell. Icelanders have a saying „go north and below” meaning that the opening to hell is in the northern part of Iceland.


North Iceland's sightseeing spots

Hvítserkur is located just off the shore of Vatnsnes peninsula. Not far away from the town of Blönduós.

The rock is a basalt stack, and due to the three holes in it, it looks like a dragon drinking the ocean. The base of the stack is reinforced with concrete so it’s protected from the ocean.

The rock’s name means a white shirt, but the name comes from the white color of the bird excrement on the rock.

Whale museum Húsavík

North Iceland's sightseeing spots

The Whale Museum in Húsavík is one of the most comprehensive whale museums in Iceland. 11 skeletons are on display of whales who died from natural causes. One skeleton of a narwhal was a gift from Greenlandic hunters.

There are exhibitions on the blue whale, the biology of whales, whale hunting and more.  The blue whale exhibition has a skeleton of a 25-meter long specimen that died of natural causes. It is laid out on its back, as whales do when they die.

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