The Icelandic Wool – Sheepishly Fabulous

We love the Icelandic sheep, and we love its fabulous wool that has kept Icelanders warm since the island was inhabited. First, let us tell you that Icelandic sheep are special. We don’t just say that because they look cute (sort of?) but because some of them have personality traits and intelligence above sheep from other countries.

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The Icelandic goat – saved from extinction

Icelandic goats are extremely rare animals. When Iceland was settled, some 1100 years ago, the first goats came to Iceland, most likely from Norway. Due to the prevalence of sheep farming in Iceland, the so-called “Settlement goat” almost went extinct in the late 1900’s. Only around 90 goats remained. The breed barely got back on track around the second world war, but nowadays it’s up to almost 1000 animals, whereas there are probably 800.000 sheep in the country. We hope you won’t hold it against them, but due to the isolation and almost-extinction, the Icelandic goat breed is very much inbred.

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The Best Places in Reykjavík to Shop

Looking for places in Reykjavík to shop? The Great Reykjavík area, which is called the capital area in Iceland, sits on just over 1000 km2 but with the density of only 204 people per km2. For comparison, Great London sits on just over 1500 km2, with the density of 5590 people per km2. Despite the vast size of the capital area, the habitants are only about 220.000 and of those 130.000 live in Reykjavík. Our shopping street or malls are not nearly as big as in some other countries, but you can still find everything you might need here.

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How Much Snow Should You Expect in Iceland in Winter?

The weather in Iceland is notoriously fickle and you never know how much snow to expect. We have winters where it hardly snows at all while others it snows almost endlessly. Last winter, we had hardly any snow in Reykjavík until the end of February when it snowed over half a meter in one day. It was more snow than had snowed in one day in Reykjavík since the 1950s. The biggest snow depth ever recorded in Iceland was by Skeiðsfossvirkjun power plant in North Iceland in March 1995. It was recorded at 279cm, but that winter was one of the snow heaviest since records began.

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