Food you should try when you’re in Iceland

We have a few ideas for food you should try when you’re in Iceland. Like other Western countries, Iceland has relatively normal food you´ll find anywhere, like pizza, pasta and fast food chains. But if you want to try more authentic Icelandic or Nordic food, we have a few suggestions. Just to be clear, we’re not going to list the “weird” food you’ve probably already heard of, like roasted sheep heads, rotten shark etc. We’re only going to talk about nice food!

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The Icelandic goat – saved from extinction

Icelandic goats are extremely rare animals. When Iceland was settled, some 1100 years ago, the first goats came to Iceland, most likely from Norway. Due to the prevalence of sheep farming in Iceland, the so-called “Settlement goat” almost went extinct in the late 1900’s. Only around 90 goats remained. The breed barely got back on track around the second world war, but nowadays it’s up to almost 1000 animals, whereas there are probably 800.000 sheep in the country. We hope you won’t hold it against them, but due to the isolation and almost-extinction, the Icelandic goat breed is very much inbred.

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