Available Discount Packages

SCDW+GP+TIFrom 3.390 ISK /day
SCDW+GP+SI+TIFrom 4.190 ISK /day

CDW (Included)

Every car comes with a basic insurance. That insurance covers damage caused by autorized drivers *

The deductible is
– 230.000 ISK; small cars (Small/Medium)
– 360.000 ISK; bigger cars (Large/Jeeps)

* Read more about the basic insurance on the back side of your agreement.


Insurance companies offer car rentals an insurance package with a minimum deductible of 230.000 ISK for small-medium cars and 360.000 for large/jeeps cars. PROCAR offers their own insurance that lowers the maximum deductible down to 40.000/75.000 ISK.

– 1.990 ISK / day; (Small/Medium)
– 2.790 ISK / day; (Large/Jeeps)

** Only the persons that signed the rental agreement are insured while driving. Unauthorized drivers are not insured by Procar and are fully liable for any damage caused while driving.

Tire Insurance

Tire insurance includes 100% reimbursement of repair or replacement with no deductible for: Tires, Valve Stems and Balancing.
This insurance does NOT cover the rims and off road driving.

– 890 ISK / day; (Small/Medium)
– 1.190 ISK / day; (Large/Jeeps)

Sandstorm Protection

Sandstorm protection covers damage to the paint, windows, lights, plastics, chrome and rims of the rental cars, caused by sand or other earth materials being blown onto the vehicle.

The deductible is
– 40.000 ISK; (Small/Medium)
– 75.000 ISK; (Large/Jeeps)

– 2.290 ISK / day; (Small/Medium)
– 2.990 ISK / day; (Large/Jeeps)

Gravel Protection ***

In Iceland there are over 500 km of public gravel roads. If you plan on driving around the country we highly recommend this protection.

GP covers all damage caused by gravel such as cracks in the window and all gravel damage on the front, top and on the sides of the car. GP does NOT cover gravel damage under the car.

Price: 1.290 ISK / day

*** Many gravel damages happen on paved road

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