Name:   Bettina Lund

Country: The Netherlands

Travelling year: 2017, June


We spent a long weekend in Iceland in June.
Very much doubting which car to rent for the weekend – winning the Procar Facebook drawing solved that for us.

Camper van it was…….. free rental for a week (even if we only used it for a long weekend)

Picking up the car went fairly smoothly (it was still pretty busy picking up cars after 1AM in the morning) We were picked up in the arrivals hall and driven to the rental car center…filled in the paperwork and off we went… Well almost…we found out that one windshield viper had a tear…and went back to have it checked… and one of the guys at the counter ended up exchanging it completely – no problem at all even at 1.30 at night!

As we had already booked accommodations we did NOT sleep in the van – and thus it did not bother us that we never really found out how to operate to fully „sleep-mode“.

The van was extremely well thought out – and if we had not had accommodations already I would have had stayed in the van…however I would wonder how warm that will be unless it is in summer time like we were (yes the van did have heating for sleep-mode too)

We did not cook – but we did use the cooking gear to boil water and make a cup of coffee while at a stop on our way.
OK, so we are not experienced campers…but still… Out of the wind (if that is even possibly in Iceland) it was quite the fight to get water heated up…but we did it! 😊

Driving in the camper was quite comfortable even if it is more noisy inside than a regular car… but having LOTS of space for camera gear and extra clothing for in the rain… was very nice.

You cannot go on F-roads…but some gravel roads you may come to pass… were plenty adventure for us – So we did not find that to be any problem at all (but then again we stayed mostly in or about the Golden Circle)

We made the most of our days and did get around and enjoyed the sights.

Finding our way around went perfectly with google maps and staying connected worked almost everywhere with the wifi-box also included in the rental.

Returning the van went even smoother than picking it up…within 15-20 minutes we were dropped right back off at the airport and sent on our way home after a wonderful weekend with many good memories gained…. thanks also to Procar 😊



Name:  Selina Ridpath

Country: United States

Traveling year: 2017


My experience with Procar was excellent! They had great customer service. Anna Björk Erlingsdóttir was so helpful, as she provided information about the different services that Procar offers. She responded quickly and was happy to help me determine which car would be best for my trip. The shuttle service was quick and easy to find in the airport. The driver of the shuttle was friendly and helped lift luggage into the van. The rental car was clean and the car was in excellent shape. It drove smoothly. I would definitely rent a car with Procar again and would recommend it to others!


Name:     Michael  M.

Country: USA

Travelling year: 2017


We were picked up from the airport and shuttled to our car.  Our two week rental car was ready and clean and the type of car we were expecting.  Gas tank was almost full, and car interior and exterior was in good shape.  The car had some pluses like Navigation, and the ability to recognize a default Bluetooth device, this allowed us to play our music from phone during our treks around Iceland, also had a backup camera, and had an automatic transmission.  The car got excellent mileage, it was diesel but didn’t have that that stinky smell I usually associate with diesel vehicles.  We drove around the entire island without any car issues.   The people at Procar were very helpful, polite and professional.  An added bonus was a self-serve coffee expresso latté maker in the waiting area.  We didn’t choose to rent an off road or F-road class vehicle so we can’t comment on that class or those roads.   Our car was a midsize sedan by KIA which on some of the more narrow roads in Iceland we are glad it wasn’t bigger.   Over all Iceland roads were well maintained.  I would recommend Procar based on our experience of quality vehicle and professionalism from Procar staff.


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